Our Projects

Our Projects

Prado Power’s mission is to provide affordable cleantech solutions to deliver electricity to off-grid, under-served communities and also commercial/industrial clients. We do this by developing projects which will have significant impact where they are domiciled, and we intend to continue developing these more rapidly, and at larger scale as we try to make major advances in the bid to solve our region’s energy challenge.

We showcase in our reel below some of our ongoing and completed projects in no particular order. Each of these projects delivers some positive economic impact, cuts down on carbon emissions (by extension, saving the planet), lays the groundwork and makes it easier for similar additional deployments, and so each one is crucial in its own right. Renewables are the future, we look forward to a world where there is power from clean sources for all regions, with net reduction in the carbon deficit, a safe world for all.


Gishiri 12 kW Solar PV Farm

The client runs a farm that produces 50,000 tonnes of catfish annually and has a daily requirement of 40,000 litres of water to be supplied by its pumping machines. The client depended solely on a diesel generator to provide [...]