Consultancy and Feasibility Studies for Renewable Energy Projects

Consultancy and Feasibility Studies for Renewable Energy Projects

Increasingly, designers of buildings of different types, businesses, institutions, facilities are seeking to generate some of their energy on-site through renewable techniques. There is state support for an increase in renewables, an incentive for some.

The approach to developing renewables in various projects would differ and is scenario specific, from the various ways of generating renewable energy, to storage and distribution requirements.


Prado Power conducts feasibility studies and consulting for renewable energy projects. This includes analyses of all the issues impacting on energy consumption within specified facility, whether in design or as-built, and calculating the most appropriate and cost-efficient method of producing renewable energy.

Building Block

During the feasibility stage, our goal is to determine if your project is buildable and financeable. Feasibility studies are the foundation upon which all subsequent stages are determined. Working with experienced solar professionals can save you development capital.


Each method of microgeneration should be circumstance specific, as no one technique will be suitable for every scenario. Issues such as the size and location of building, occupational patterns, energy demand, design and construction will combine to determine which is the best energy source.

Recommendations and calculations are based on rigorous energy simulation assessment and expert knowledge

Bases we cover in our process include: