Commercial & Industrial Solar

Commercial and industrial entities lean heavily on energy for their daily operations. From round-the-clock activities to the use of energy-intensive equipment, reliable power is a vital component of robust plans and contingencies to ensure businesses – particularly larger enterprises – have operational continuity. Unplanned outages pose an increasing concern for many businesses, which lead to revenue losses as well as safety concerns and health risks for employees.

Restoring normal facility operations after an outage as soon as possible is an absolute must, yet restoring operations can be a difficult process. From simple to the most complex, we have a robust portfolio of on-site and off-site energy solutions for your business. The energy independence and reliability that are provided with solar make it a high value prop for commercial use case.

Benefits Include the below:

Financial Savings

One of the best reasons to install a commercial or industrial solar energy generation system is the financial benefit. Offsetting some or all electricity use at a factory or small business with solar reduces electric bills from day one.

Financial Savings

Solar panel systems operate effectively for over 30 years, and once a business makes back the upfront investment for their system, they can generate close to free electricity from their system for many years after – not completely free though, as storage might need to be replaced in the duration.

Additionally such systems help provide a hedge against rising energy costs.

Positive brand image

Solar panels are a visible signal that the company using the installation is committed to sustainability and a clean energy future. How companies and corporations are responding to environmental responsibility is an increasingly important issue.

Positive brand image

By taking action to support clean, renewable energy, companies can signal to potential customers that they care about more than just turning a profit. Installing solar is a great way to generate positive buzz with stakeholders and the local community.

Today carbon credits are becoming more mainstream, akin to a reward for positive environmental actions – the rewards are tangible.

Minimal Maintenance

Renewable energy sources, particularly solar, provide clean energy, without noise and almost zero maintenance. This is particularly important as resources that would ordinarily have been expended towards maintenance are conserved.

Minimal Maintenance

A clean energy source is an advantage anytime, both for the users, and for the environment, it is a positive on all fronts:

  • Fewer greenhouse gases
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Minimal noise
  • Cleaner air

These all come together to advance the cause of a healthy environment.

Our approach

Business & Strategic Assessment

We perform a detailed assessment of your business, strategic direction, and key objectives so we can develop the best tailored renewable energy solution for your site.

High-Level Solution Development

Our in-house experts design a high-level renewable energy solution tailored to your site and needs, providing you with an analysis of its estimated financial benefits.

Technical Site Analysis & Review

Our qualified electricians complete a technical site review to confirm the final details of the solution and its installation. This minimises any surprises or variations down the track.

Detailed Solution Proposal

Next, we provide a detailed solution proposal ready for your approval. It’s comprehensive, capturing the various aspects of the project, and ready for executive or board level review.

Approvals and Installation

We manage the process of obtaining all necessary approvals for installation, saving you valuable time & resources. All installations are by accredited installers, complying with NEMSA guidelines.

Operation & Maintenance Services

We continue to work with you after installation to maintain, monitor, and optimise your solution. We want to ensure it reaches peak performance and delivers on our projections.