Prado Power IS

Solving The Energy Deficit

Filling Africa’s Energy Gap Using Renewable Energy to make up for Grid Deficiencies

Raising Quality
Of Life

Raising Quality of Life for Millions In Rural Communities, Providing RETs for Productive Use

Delivering National Policy Goals

Helping Governments Reach their Electrification and Renewable Energy targets Cost-effectively



Microgrids are local, independent energy grids serving a discrete geographic area. Within the microgrid is an energy generation component. We use clean energy, and this guides us to solar panels, wind turbines, generators (in hybrid deployments) for energy generation. There is also a storage component using batteries.


Commercial & Industrial Solar

This encompasses solar power supply for businesses of various sizes, covering large corporations, government entities, schools, universities, etc. There is a depth of variation of customer type and project specifics with project sizes ranging from tens of kilowatts into the megawatts.


Utility Scale Solar

Solar electricity generation on a large scale, large enough to cause a noticeable change in operation of a utility is known as utility scale solar. For utility scale solar, electricity is generated either through a large PV power station or through concentrated solar power. Generally, deployments 1MW and above can be classed as utility scale solar.


Residential Solar

For homes and small-businesses, solar and renewable energy systems have a range of offerings to meet needs at all levels – from lamps for light to systems to power the entire house/small business. This is a very effective and environment friendly way to provide residential power. It works very well for off-grid homes/small businesses, and for those with poor supply from the grid, as a stop gap.

Prado Power collaborates with Volta Systems to deliver energy to homes and small businesses using reliable and smart technologies.