Engineering, Procurement and Construction for Renewable Energy Projects

Engineering, Procurement and Construction for Renewable Energy Projects

EPC stands for engineering, procurement, and construction. It encompasses the design of an energy solution to help a facility solve its energy problems and then move on to the construction of that specific project, so the end to end process to deliver the project is catered for.

The three parts of the process are outlined below:


In this phase, we conduct a full assessment/audit to enable us design appropriate energy models that will fit project needs. This phase is highly technical and involves various engineering resources.


Elements in the Engineering stage include:

  • Technical evaluation
  • DC engineering
  • AC engineering
  • Storage scaling
  • Grid integration and interconnection
  • Cost analysis
  • Return analysis
  • Project management


This is the phase where the various equipment and components which have been thrown up in the design are purchased. Efforts are made at this stage to ensure what is purchased is of good quality, balanced against the budget.


Elements in the Engineering stage include:

  • Procurement of equipment
  • Selecting subcontractors
  • Insurances
  • Guarantee management
  • Cost analysis
  • Logistics
  • Project management


At this point, equipment has arrived and the putting together of components and integration of the systems can take place. This has to be done very carefully as inadequate installations can result in major problems.


The process involves:

  • Coordination and supervision of the construction process
  • Interconnection
  • Risk management
  • Quality control
  • Project management


Single point of accountability

The client can refer to one single company for the entire phase of the project

Owner transfers interface management

Risks to EPC contractor: you don’t need to worry about passing the project along to another company and having to explain everything to another company

Enhanced construct ability

Drives down costs

Integrated flow

Of information and communication

Aligned interests

Common project goals

Efficient project

Execution with condensed project schedules

EPC contractors

Will guarantee the facility meeting the performance requirements specified by the client: A failure to meet the requirement results in liquidated damages against the EPC contractor

We provide EPC services covering end to end project development and implementation.