At 24, I was working as a trolley boy. I was selling drinks and sandwiches from my trolley to office workers in a bank, and it was easy. It was also a great vantage point to start a shift in my standards. My customers were around my age, but unlike me, they were confident, well-dressed, and making a great salary. And then one day something just clicked. I was embarrassed and angry with myself for settling for easy. I made a choice there and then: I no longer wanted to be average. OK was NOT enough. Being mediocre? Not an option for me – not anymore.

With my standards raised, I worked hard and invested in myself to become someone I could be proud of. I read dozens of books and attended seminars on personal development. Simultaneously, I completed my degree in Psychology, worked my way up to a managerial position in my full-time employment and completing coaching certification courses. I built a new network and an inspiring, success-driven environment. And I was mentored by the kind of coach I myself wanted to be. I turned my life around and designed it so that I can enjoy life while doing what I love: helping others to do the same.

Today I run a very successful coaching business and work with ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals, taking them through my unique 3-step process designed to help them get extraordinary results.